The company Lusi srl, has a long experience
in the manufacture of young women’s clothing.
The brand KARTIKA was born in 2001 and immediately through the collections,
offers a distinct stylistic creativity of research and design strongly Italian.
The success of KARTIKA has always been based on the most accurate research
of innovative fabrics, highlighted by a glamorous appeal.
A trendy woman, who wants to be feminine
with sophistication and a touch of rock soul.
Style and quality conscious . Versatile, clothes suitable
for every moment of the day and for the most elegant occasions.
The perfect fit, is one of the “key factors” of the brand.
Its style can be summed up in two adjectives: “casual & chic”.
Every year KARTIKA offers THREE collections
and TWO limited editions / capsules .
The collections boast flowing and clean lines that easily adapt to the silhouette of every woman. Basic colors matched with bold patterns, to offer an always different choice of total look. The production exclusively MADE IN ITALY has been able
to position the brand KARTIKA among the most accredited trendy stores.
A timing that is an expression of a great competitive advantage:
Reduction of the risk of unsold products through the possibility to buy
collections always updated according to the latest market trends,
with a system “ready on collection”.“
“Right on time” production just a few months after the respective
sales season without imposing onerous minimum order quantities.
KARTIKA has always believed strongly in the evolution of digital.
Through an accurate web mkg that places
it at an excellent level among the best search engines. The Instagram° and Facebook° profiles are carefully designed with
different content and invest daily in sponsorships and influencers,
with the aim of growing constantly in the community.